EastEnders Season 1 Episode 36 : Thur 20 Jun, 1985

When Sue and Ali wake up this morning they find baby Hassan dead in his bed! Dr. Legg can't do anything for Hassan anymore. Sue is in shock and Ali breaks down. The police questions the Osmans, Sue blames Ali and herself for the death.

NameEastEnders Season 1 Episode 36: Thur 20 Jun, 1985
Air DateJune 20th, 1985
GenresSoap, Drama
NetworkBBC One
Production CompanyBritish Broadcasting Corporation
Guest StarsElaine Donnelly, Gillian Taylforth, Anna Wing, Bill Treacher, Susan Tully, Peter Dean, Anita Dobson, Gretchen Franklin, Leonard Fenton, Sandy Ratcliff, Nej Adamson, Shreela Ghosh, Shirley Cheriton, Ross Davidson, Mine Keylan, Peter Aubrey, Jeffrey Robert, Leslie Grantham, Wendy Richard, Haluk Bilginer
Plot Keywordslondon england, soap opera

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